Used Dynatrac Pro-Grips: Front


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***SOLD*** So-Cal: Used Dynatrac Pro-Grips: Front

I have a front set of used Dynatrac Pro-Grips. The rotors have approximately 40k miles on them and the current pads have approximately 20k miles on them. The caliper brackets are brand new, as the old ones were from the recalled batch. I planned on selling them with my stock axle but the buyer did not want them. They're all boxed up and ready for pick up just in time for Christmas. Shipping would be approximately $125 via UPS so Im not sure that would be an option. I'm asking $300 for the lot. Let me know if you have any questions. 20201020_163442.jpg 20201020_163418.jpg 20201020_163558.jpg 20201023_142545.jpg 20201023_142604.jpg 20201023_142717.jpg 20201023_142750.jpg 20201023_142857.jpg 20201129_143905.jpg 20201129_144211.jpg 20201129_144233.jpg

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