VEGAS Area Suds-n-Grub : Thursday, Jan 26th @ 6pm


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Heck yea happy you’re starting to bring these back. I was thinking the other day it’s been a long time. Sadly a little far for me too right now. Have a good time everyone. Looks like a tasty brewery!
Yeah, been way too long for sure. Not really expecting much out of this one other than to just get them going again. Hopefully we can get out to your neck of the woods too. :)
Dang…I just landed in Seattle an hour ago…from Las Vegas
LOL - you have got to be kidding me. Well, we hope to keep these going so maybe next time.


Here are a few shots from LoveLady...





And, here's a shot of us hanging out in the parking lot at a Suds-n-Grubs we did, way back when the JK Wrangler had just come out.

We hope to see you there! :)
I'll try to make it Thursday


Caught the Bug
Eddie, I'll try to make it. Not that far of a trip for us, but my wife has a Drs appt in B.H.C. that afternoon. A couple other responsibilities mean the both of us won't be able to. But being the Great wife she is, she gave me the OK to run up there & rep us 😁
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