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Congrats, that came out really awesome and is going to hold up to just about anything you can toss at it. Cool video as well.

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Thanks, that's what we're hoping for. Glad you enjoyed the video :)

Pretty neat to see how Line-X is applied. I don't think that the price was too bad either.

Price was great especially being that it's a $500 option from the factory.


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Thanks for sharing that process. It was really cool, informative, and looks great. Hopefully the premium coating holds the shine and keep it looking new. That was always the complaint I had with Rhino liner. You had to keep applying this UV protectant to it to keep it "shiny". Anyone I ever knew who had it installed always regretted it when it turned chalky and flat. My ex father-in-law owns a body shop and used to spray scorpion liner which is supposed to hold up similar to what Line-X claims. I had never seen what it looked like after a few years though so I can't attest to that. I never felt the need to remove my plastic drop in...haha.
So, one of the things we wanted on our Jeep JT Gladiator Rubicon from the factory and would have gotten had we been willing to wait for the Launch Edition that we originally ordered, is a bedlined bed. This is of course because we do plan on using our Gladiator as the pickup truck that it is. And, while I have bedlined a few Jeep tubs in the past and been happy with the results, Cindy and I decided that for our Gladiator, we wanted to have something a bit more professionally done. Needless to say, that's why we went to Line-X and in this short video, you'll get a close up look at what it takes to get their bedliner and Premium Top Coat, sprayed into a bed of a Jeep Gladiator truck. We hope you enjoy and find the information to be useful.

Dropped my 3 day old gladiator to have it bed lined this morning. This video gave me some confidence in the process. Not sure if I would have been so easy about letting my brand new jeep get worked on so quickly. Thanks

BTW, I went with the standard($505+tax) since I'm getting a tonneau cover. Probably the DiamondbackSE.
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