Voodoo "Made in the USA"?


This seems to be a common trend these days but it pisses me off when companies market themselves as "Made in the USA" and in reality very few if any of their products are or are still produced in America. To be clear this isn't a Amazon knock off I got it at a reputable shop.
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I thought I read somewhere that if over 70% of it is made in the US, it can be labeled as such. I could be wrong though. Either way, this particular case is clearly false advertising.

I think they could legitimately get in trouble for this.


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In Voodoo's defense, I think at one time all of their products were actually made in America. I remember when they first got on the scene with their kinetic recovery ropes they were advertising that only the American made green rope was made out of the "industrial" nylon and everything else was a Chinese knock off. I get it, china makes almost everything but Voodoo could dial back the "made in USA" logos at the least.


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They ALL do this. At best, it’s assembled in the USA. All the parts come from China.
Before I joined here and learned about SPOD and other kits for auxiliary lighting, I bought the Painless Trail Rocker. Made in the USA was all over their website and packaging. Once I opened it, every single part in the thing is labeled Made In China.
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