What did Brown Santa show up with today..


No picture but got my bomber rockers in from Evo. 😁 Super fast shipping ordered on the 23rd and received them today! Now to find a local powder coater.


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With the new coilovers this is a must have. Pro Eagle 13"extension and pad. Expensive but very much needed. You can see the stack of wood I was using, bad idea. Also got my nitrogen tank and regulator all set up.
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Very nice and yes a must have and I love mine. Make sure if you take the riser off and use the jack with just the Pro Eagle base plate you don’t bend the tabs that the riser twist into. Either buy a thicker rubber pad when using the jack without the riser or be careful where you place the load on the plate. If those tabs get bent really bad you can't twist the riser into place. I had to use a pry bar to bend them back slightly. I ordered a thicker rubber floor jack pad off Amazon when going back and forth between the riser and base plate. It is really nice not have to stack block anymore LOL.


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Probably a dumb question, but do those jack extensions bolt into the jack cup? Haven’t seen those before. I like it.
The pad has a lip. you drop it in and spin it. I love it so far. I can now lift from the center of both bumper and lift tires off the ground.
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