What did Brown Santa show up with today..


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Very nice and yes a must have and I love mine. Make sure if you take the riser off and use the jack with just the Pro Eagle base plate you don’t bend the tabs that the riser twist into. Either buy a thicker rubber pad when using the jack without the riser or be careful where you place the load on the plate. If those tabs get bent really bad you can't twist the riser into place. I had to use a pry bar to bend them back slightly. I ordered a thicker rubber floor jack pad off Amazon when going back and forth between the riser and base plate. It is really nice not have to stack block anymore LOL.
Thanks I'll have to pick one up as well. My blocking had fallen over twice on me. (not on me literally, tires were on) When lowering it down it would loose it's center. Last time I had to pry the blocking out from between the the drag link and the front bumper.:oops:


Well it wasn't brown Santa but white Santa been by the house 3 times this week. Dropped off 2 boxes of the lift Tuesday dropped the rear shocks off yesterday and the last box for the lift today View attachment 366901 View attachment 366902 the front shocks should be here Monday or Tuesday
Rarely do you get to congratulate someone on 2.5" so I'm taking this opportunity to say congratulations. I hope you put it to good use.


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They finally showed up. Well I did cancel and got the fronts from Qtec. Funny I canceled the fronts last week when I saw Qtec had them ready to ship same day. They were supposed to be delivered on 21 Sept. then 23rd today. Well I check my emails this morning and what do I see, an email from Morris4x4 saying "Hey John your Order has shipped" yes the one I canceled. The day I canceled they were telling me they are going to ship mid to late October. And I honestly think they shipped the rears again to. They are so fucked up on this order they don't seem to have a clue as to what I received or not. They keep asking me. I told them awhile back to figure it out on their own. So hopefully they refund the front and rear to my credit card. Call me an asshole but it's been a fucking year.
Waiting on rear passenger power door latch. (not Morris) But I can put the manual one in and get them fitted and then take them apart again for paint. Oh and they were nice enough to include a door ding.
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