What did you name your Jeep?


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I have owned my Renegade 4 months now and I have been trying to come up with a name. I want a nice outdoorsy female name for my Renny. The other night I came up with Aspen.
I now am curious what did everyone else name their Jeeps. Please feel free to answer or not.

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My Jeep is yellow with a red prolink up front. My wife pointed out that it looks like Maggie Simpson sucking her pacifier, so it's Maggie.

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My daughter named her Stella.

Makes sense since you can easy see the stars when you look up and the top is off!

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One day I came pulling up to my daughter's soccer game and my buddy says to me in his best Meaning voice "The Black Mamba". I laughed and it kinda stuck. IMG_20170711_174459232_HDR.jpg

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Sure, but we all pulled together so he'd have some responses. Just not enough people naming their Renegades I guess.

I guess its good to be helpful. OP, The name for your Renegade should be relative to something significant to you or your jeep.

It harkens back to WW2 (perhaps further) When the solders would be stuck with a vehicle for long periods of time. Airplanes, Tanks, even convoy trucks all got names, because the attached personnel would eat, sleep, breath, LIVE in their vehicles 24/7. Still happens today, everything gets a nickname.

Heres how I got a few names for mine. (still havent settled on one yet)

Rosita - southwestern name, for where i live, and the obvious color of the Jeep
Felix - It was a cool name stenciled on the side of an air compressor, that I cannibalized to build on-board air.
El Torro Borracho! - "The Drunken Bull" I think the picture tells that story.



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Well, the OP title is "What did you name your Jeep".

That would explain all the non Renegade replies.

I have 3 Jeeps. None have formal names. The Comanche is called "The Comanche". The J10 is called "The J10"

The Hard Rock JKU is called "The Jeep". It even gets called truck or car from time to time.

I often find myself asking, for clarification, "which Jeep?"

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My current rig is BOHICA. Kinda sums up my relationship with Jeeps. Story in the BOHICA build thread in my signature.

My kids, due to the color and the fact we live in Hawaii and are always at the beach, call her Sandy Cheeks lol.

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My son likes the children's book "where is the green sheep". I think it's plays? green jeep, green sheep. Had a sticker made up, green body tan head. Might be lame, I don't know.


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Not lame at all. Your jeep is what you want it to be both in name and look. That's what's cool about jeeps. Was over in Ouray yesterday at the pool with the kids and saw so many jeeps. They each looked different and interesting in their own way including many with names.

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