What Kind of Brake Upgrades Have You Done?

I have an 01 TJ with a dana 30 front axle.

I want to upgrade to either the Currie 44 or Dynatrac 44 hopefully soon.

What kind of brakes have you upgraded to and how do you like them?

I know Wilwood has a kit, but you have to use YJ knuckles and I'm not sure they're as strong as TJ knuckles.

Does anyone have experience with the Vanco kit?



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What do you use it for? The 30 in a tj can take a lot of abuse, with better shafts and joints even more. I’m guessing a used rubicon 44 would be cheaper than a whole new axle.
If you’re going to upgrade why not tons? I can lock all my 35” tires with stock brakes so I never upgraded. I do have discs on the rear that helps a lot.

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I want to use it for trails like the Rubicon, Gold mountain in big bear. Not too hard-core stuff. I want to be comfortable doing a trail like john bull. I guess my faith in the 30 is not too high. Mainly with R&P size. I forgot to mention it has a currie 9" in the rear and I have 35s on it right now. I eventually want to run beadlocks and 37s. It has a 3 inch short arm lift with body mount spacers. But, the way it is right now, it hasn't let me down.

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I have a HP30, Warn hubs with chromoly shafts, ARB and a Vanco BBK. Most people think the limits of this axle is 35s. If you want to go to 37s, I suggest looking into some sort of Dana 44.
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