What was done to your rig this week?


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Finally got the parts to fix my rear end. (and swap out the Detroit for an ARB)

Arb, rebuild kit, gears, axle shafts, and misc. box of parts going in tomorrow.


Just curious. With all of your overlanding you do. Have you thought about bumping up to a Gladiator for the cargo room or does the JKU work just fine?

Nah, never. Once everything got figured out (equipment, storage and packing-wise) the jku does just fine. I roll with my wife and most of the time a 75lb dog as well as have a 75qt Dometic in the rear 24/7/365. Just took a little tweeking to get the kit just right. If I had the room of the Gladiator, I'd most definately be less organized and take much more useless crap on our trips! Lol

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Looks like the Front-runner. I have it and so far I like it. Looks good and don't rattle. Nice job👍

Veruge144 and I installed the MCE fenders today. Pretty happy with the results [emoji16] View attachment 351982 View attachment 351983 View attachment 351984

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That's looking good.

The only problem is you went and made your tires look too small.

I'm sure one day you will fix that.
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