What was done to your rig this week?


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Jeep tossed codes P0520 Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch and P06DE Engine Oil Pressure Control Circuit Stuck On in my lap. Engine was down on power.

Common fixes were listed as REPLACE SENSOR and REPLACE OIL PUMP respectively. Decided to replace the oil pressure sensor and change the oil to see if that would clear both codes. If not, the new oil would need to be drained and the oil pan removed to replace the oil pump.

Replacing the sensor requires removing the upper and lower intakes and the coolant temp sensor


Every thing was filthy


Removed the fuel rail and injectors and cleaned everything up


before reassembling with all new packings (O-rings to you non aviation types). Installed new oil & coolant sensors. That cleared all the codes. No need to replace the oil pump this time.

Butt dyno says Jeep is running better than ever, but you know how the Butt Dyno lies
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No pics, but I started on the BPU’s.

I added a manifold noise maker(CAI) on my JTDR. Living in California has very few downsides, but being an automotive peraon can be difficult with engine modifications. I’ve kept an eye out for an AFE momentum intake and finally found a used one for sale. I’m still looking for a set of charge pipes.

Eventually this little 3.0 will be able to take big, healthy gulps of air…
Done the Smittybilt cage today. Was really bad but they definitely lack some effort in the directions department. If you are not paying attention you will miss putting padding on and have to take it apart and put it on. Padding instructions is in a supplement after the instructions.. passenger side front (A pillar) was a super tight fit and had to do some clearance work back in the dash. Everything else was spot on.


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