Wheeling w/ Whiskey - JTR Build Thread


Caught the Bug
Thank you again everyone, super excited to get up there and pick it up! More pics coming soon and a few mods being ordered this week!


Caught the Bug
Late update here, apologies! We picked up our Gladiator on 10/7/2021, and made a straight shot back down to Reno from Nampa.

Haven't done much as of yet, been pretty busy with work (holiday season prep). But, here is what I've added so far: 67 Designs Phone Mount, Mopar Grab Handles and Ceramic Window Tint. We will be having our bed protected by Line-X next week and then will begin the hunt for which bed rack system will best serve our needs.

Until then.. yesterday we ordered EVO's 2.5" Enforcer Stage 1 Kit. We are ready to get this rig on 37's... or 38's (can't decide, yet) for Winter Exploring!

More to come... here are a few shots from the day we picked up and washing on the return. thumbnail_IMG_0399.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0400.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0504.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0505.jpg
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Already a big fan of the oil burner! Suits the Gladiator platform well. Excited to see how it handles larger tires.
You’ll love it. I never noticed the difference to 37s. The only other motor I wish they would have put in the JT would have been the 2.0 turbo. Beastly little fella. I do love my diesel so far.
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