Where did your Jeep take You this Week?


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That is good parenting right there!!!!! Good to see kids in the dirt, outdoors in the sunshine, and with smiles enjoying their adventure :)

oh hell yeah man. My son would rather go jeeping than do anything else. I asked him last night what is the most boring thing he could think of. His response was “sitting at home on the couch watching TV all day” lol
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My son has been begging to take the jeep out. Since the mountains still have snow, the kids and I just made a quick trip to Frank Raines OHV. I had never been there before and it was actually okay. I’d go back. But he talked me into going through the mud pit a couple times so I have all that cleaning to look forward to tomorow.

Hey, just took my new Gladiator out for a trial run, some mild wheelin and checking out some of Nevada’s scenery. Hope all is well.


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You guys have been on some cool trips! Because of my crazy work schedule, I've been only getting every other Sunday off, so I'm limited as to how far I can travel. So far, I've only been to West Mountain about 15 minutes west of my house.

Mines, Helmets, Harnesses, and Headlamps!! A trip from West to East starting out near Lone Pine to visit the Reward Mine (everyone should drive their jeep into a mine once in their life!!!!) and Alabama Hills. Then over to Panamint Valley to visit the Minietta Mine (was suppose to include the Defense Mine also but not enough time......). Then final day out to Stove Pipe Wells for a quick canyon visit to Grotto Canyon for some canyoneering. Fantastic trip and amazing scenery everyday!!! 1.JPG 2.JPG 4.JPG 5.jpeg 7.jpeg 8.JPG 9.JPG 11.JPG 13.JPG 16.jpg
Went to the Mint 400 in Vegas - 3rd year taking cameramen/cameras around the race course.
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Such a fun event to spectate as you can see different areas of the course pretty easy. I always wondered how to get out onto the course. It just takes a $25,000 camera and the ability to use it........ Looks like I will continue to see it from the sidelines. Beautify Jeep by the way!!!!!!!!
Wow, that place looks like a ghetto now. Really sad.
Very sad!!!!!!!! I am always astonished that folks travel with spray cans...... This fact boggles my mind because the intent was thought out ahead of time........... I was at this same mine a year ago and in that time the graffiti has gotten much worse then the last visit......... This is the result of easy access I guess :( I can say the other mines which are much more remote have not suffered this yet :)
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