WIN a JK SPORT CAGE from Rock Hard 4x4!!

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I came to wayalife from watching all the badass videos on YouTube from before I even owned a jeep. It motivated me so much to get a jeep and I finally did last year and have been building it and wheeling it since. The forum is awesome and I love being a part of it and being able to give my input to help others out. Love the jeep community and the vibe from everyone on the forum. Good luck friends!


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Project jk brought me to WAYALIFE, when only pictures from Moby were posted on FB page. Thank you rock hard 4x4 for the support, you guys ROCK ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1471838636.312071.jpg

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During my 2nd tour to Iraq I saw the $$$ rolling in and desided I wanted to buy a jeep. So I started doing research and watching videos and came across the YouTube channel and the forum. Shortly after our mwr (computer lab) went down and I wasn't able to join. But when I got home I joined the forum, purchased my JKUR and started my mod process. ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1471839188.516119.jpg


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Joined Wayalife after searching around for technical tips and reviews of parts before purchasing. Can't remember what specifically anymore. Lots and lots of information here. Hope to meet some of the group sometime. Thanks for the chance to win something I haven't got yet but is on my list!


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Jk Sport Cage from Rock Hard 4x4!!!

I came to The Wayalife for the love of Jeeps. 20160306_153910.jpg
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I was thinking about getting back into wheeling again when I stumbled onto Part 1 of the 2011 Colorado JKX on Youtube. My 2012 JKUR is the result.
Engineer Pass, San Juan Mtns. near Ouray, Co, elevation 12,800ft.


I found WAYALIFE through the videos as many have. I was new to Jeeps and the off roading world as the videos immediately sucked me in to the Jeeping WAYALIFE. It's been a blast so far with much more to come.

Thank you Eddie and Cindy for this opportunity along with a huge thanks to Rock Hard 4x4!



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I joined WL after coming across all the awesome wheeling videos on their YouTube channel. What struck me the most was how close everyone was and how much fun you were all having. Especially during the Rubicon vid when you came across the gummy bear Canadians. Such a cool story and feel good moment. I can only hope to hook up with you guys and gals for a trip in the future. Cheers! ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1471840512.404462.jpg
I originally just thought the sticker was sweet, saw it on a few jeeps around town then got a yj and wanted 1 then i found out how jeepin really is a WAYALIFE and it runs through your blood.. Now here i am with a wayalife tattoo 🤘🏼 ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1471840792.425428.jpg ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1471840957.232902.jpg


Signed up to because of the you tube videos but it's Also a great place for mod ideas and see what everyone's doing to there rigs


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Got hooked watching JKX/Wayalife videos in the middle of the night trying to adjust to a Mids schedule. Now I own a JKU and I hope to make it on one someday. Good luck to everyone! ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1471842605.024531.jpg


I found WAYALIFE from the YouTube channel, searching for Jeeps and wheeling videos. I lurked on the site for a while before jumping in as a member, despite being without a Jeep of my own. I finally pulled the trigger this year and now have a JK of my own. I love every bit of it and thank Eddie and Cindy for the site, resources, and community they built and Rock Hard for the forum support.


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Wayalife expirience

I got a new jeep and like many of jeep owners. I couldn't afford all the mods that I want it to do yet. However, I start looking how to protect my jeep and I don't know why but everytime I was looking for information about something I always found wayalife. So I gave it a try and it was a great idea. Because the difference from wayalife and the other is the expirience and the incredible amount of information about everything you need to know about being a jeep owner.( really específicas information that will explain you why and how to do it) some other pages I was trap in forums that will have 1 post with good information meanwhile others user will just talk about random stuff thay was not even related to the topic . And I found my self loosing hours in front of the computer without getting anything done. However the minute I sing up with wayalife it took me only 15 minutes to decide with skid plates I wanted . And I went with the rock hard engine/oil/ transition skid plate.. transfer and evap skid plates.. I didn't have money to buy the gas tank skid plate ( jeep life ) .. Conclusion : wayalife and the members of this group are really helpful and will go the extra mile to try to help you understand about something . I haven't created or comment in any post because I feel any one will be more expirienced than me.. however I am gathering some money to by a lift and I will be looking around about the topic soon . I will some questions and I know where to find some help. This is my new jeep.. I call it DARTHCON !! And any gift will be grate to have .. good luck everyone


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The original jkx videos led me here, loved seeing people take jeeps that could be driven daily out on some gnarly trails. The video quality still beats anything else out there and the storytelling is exquisite.


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What bought me to WAYALIFE was search the internet for jk photos and I came across one that had WAYALIFE on it so I searched that and here I am.


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I was looking for some repair info when I stumbled across this badass forum!! Quickly realized that their are some cool dudes with badass rigs and I could learn and look at jeep point a win win !! Thanks for having me and I appreciate all of the invaluable info I have gotten!


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Found out about Wayalife from your videos on YouTube and fell in love with jeeps ever since. I couldn't stop watching them an still can't ahah. Finally joined in 2014 and I am loving the Jeep life the people the experiences the out doors and the Community here on Wayalife it's all been a wonderful experience. Thank you Eddie and Cindy for all you do and for getting me hooked in to my favorite hobby. And it really truly is a Way-Of-Life.


I found WAL by searching for information on lifts, tires... Then found the JKX videos and I was hooked. Signed up right away, and loved it ever since.


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I found project jk back in 2009 when I got my JK. I have been following Eddie's wayalife since then, and have learned so much from all his information, forum, writeups, and members. There really is a different type of people that who own Jeeps, and it's the only wayalife I'd like to be part of. I have wanted one of these awesome cages for some time now, so I really hope I win! Good luck everyone. 👍🇱🇷


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