WTB - EVO Leveling kit 1095 - Greenville SC

Heard good things about kit. Would like to raise front about 1.5". Thought some may have upgraded and have lying around. Thanks!!


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I don't have one lying around but thought I'd share the fact that I really like the kit. I've had it on my 13 almost 14 months and no complaints. BTW I used to live in Spartanburg. Love the trails and such out here but I miss the color green. Every thing is grey and tan here. :eek:P


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Love this kit it!! ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1464557953.021195.jpg ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1464558061.184456.jpg ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1464558093.183648.jpg 1st pic is before and after. 2nd is as he sit now sold my hardtop 3rd pic naked


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I'll sell you mine. Currently on the jeep, ran for 5-6 months. Great shape. I'm looking to go w/ 3" coils
Pm me an offer / contact info
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