Yachts to Kayaks. Boating thread.


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Color coordinated...nice. My wife gave me permission to look at some wave runners this month...
Love my sea doo. Want another one honestly. Maybe a 225 gtx. Honestly tho, having my own boat would be nice to have at this point. Love my parents 27’ but my own 21’ would be cool.


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Thanks guys

Yes every year to get the oxidation off. I’m trying to get the family in the habit of cleaning it after every trip out again. If we stay on it the oxidation wouldn’t be as bad.

but i've been thinking about another boat :unsure:


This was my winter Project. Picked up an old jon boat trailer for $50. Big advantage was this one came with Drop Spindle Axle that someone before me modified. So I bought a new U-bolt kit and Flipped the axle. Then did a SOA to it. Stripped it and used scraps of wood we had laying around. Bought a well used set of tires. Roughly 34in Tall. Sprayed it with Bed liner can called it good. Have right around $100 invested. Going to need new Wheel bearings soon, but I repacked them. Hopefully will get me through the summer.


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