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Caught the Bug
I'm up in Ouray and Telluride on the trails about every other weekend. As the Saun Jaun's have steadily become a disneyland type attraction, the fails are more and more prevalent. Here's some pics from the same day on the same trail about a 1/4 mile apart lol.

This brand new F150 is certainly broken in now! I'm not sure what the story was with this misguided sole. The truck was abandoned when I arrived. I believe they first tried to avoid an off-camber section and then panicked and tried to turn around. Needless to say, it didn't really work out lol.
20220624_150344.jpg 20220624_150436.jpg 20220624_150713.jpg

Another 1/4 mile later we have this Yukon. It was also left abandoned also. There was a wiring harness hanging down, so it's safe to assume it became disabled. I have to give them credit for turning around successfully and making it almost all the way out. Unfortunately, even the Virgin Marry front license plate just wasn't enough :ROFLMAO:

20220624_152525.jpg 20220624_152609.jpg
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