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    V8 swap or move to a JL

    Go test drive a JLUR or JTR and the decision will be made for you. You mention 37s. The difference between my 3.8 JKU on 37s and my new JTR on 37s is beyond night and day. You might consider the V6 with the 8 speed. It has plenty of power for 37s even with the stock 4.10s. I love driving this thing.
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    JKU on Tons

    Excellent work. Wish I had the skills, determination and space to do what you’re doing to my 2007 JKU. Very cool stuff.
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    VIDEO : Improve Your JL or JT Headlights for Cheap by Installing LED Bulbs

    Any updates Eddie? Still happy with these bulbs?
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    VIDEO : CRAZY About the 8

    Eddie=3 V8s Me=0 no fair 😜. Congrats. The 392 is a dream car. I do love the sound of a V8.
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    EPIC Campsites : Let's See Yours!!

    Shot from recent trip wheeling in Lockhart Basin/canyon....campsite with amazing views....
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    Fair price?

    So as not to leave a cliffhanger of a story, I offered him $600 and he countered my offer with $650 for bumper and skid. He asked an additional 150 for endcaps and led lights. I ended up just buying it all. He had all the hardware as well. I figure I will probably upgrade to LED headlamps at...
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    Fair price?

    huh....good to know. I'll have to look into that because I was planning on running my factory fogs. Yea, I did notice the price difference between some of the models. There are also what appear to be non OEM knockoffs on eBay. Don't know what the deal is with those but they're cheaper.
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    Adventures of a Hemi JK

    Congrats. Must be a hoot to drive a Hemi in a 2 door nonetheless.
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    My wife is a Badass

    Hell yea! Congrats to her. It's great being married to a badass. My wife is one too ;)
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    White Rim Camping - June'22 - looking for party to join us.

    Have fun. We did WR several years ago and it was AMAZING. Camped two nights and took our time. The timing is not right for us otherwise we'd be in. It will be very toasty. We did the trip in May and it was already pretty warm. Awesome time, nonetheless.
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    Fair price?

    hmmm.....okay, thanks. For that price, they're are other options I'll have to consider. I do like the look of the factory one though. Decisions, decisions.
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    Fair price?

    Thanks. I should have mentioned the guy is asking $875 (with LEDs). I honestly don't know what these things are going for currently, so is $500 a low ball? I don't need the LED's and he says he's willing to separate them.
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    Fair price?

    I thinking of picking up a lightly used Mopar metal front bumper with skid plate for my new JTR which came with the standard plastic front bumper. What would you say is a fair price for one? $500?
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    VIDEO : Improve Your JL or JT Headlights for Cheap by Installing LED Bulbs

    hmmm....interesting. At any rate, I might give these a shot because I can't stand the candles that are in there now.
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    VIDEO : Improve Your JL or JT Headlights for Cheap by Installing LED Bulbs

    I wish my new JTR had factory LEDs. What's all the hate about? They look pretty good to me. Are there LEDs for the fog lights? I can't have mixed light temps lol.
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