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  • Hey is there a thread started to submit a video of the Blackhills Run a few of us did last year?
    Hi Eddy,

    Thanks for a great site. I have just taken delivery of my 2011 Detanator Yellow Rubicon. Now, I would like to get a set of decals for the fenders... As you can see I am a good couple of thousand miles away from you.... South Africa. what would the possibility be of sending a jpeg of the decal so that I can have it cut here?

    Hey Eddie
    Looks like you have taken on yet another project I like the look the of the forum good luck.

    Hey Eddie! Thanks for setting up another forum!

    So I am thinking sometime in August some of the Great Lakes Guys from the JK-Forum and A few from Canada are going to be making a journey out to Ouray Area. I wanted to touch base with you to see if you wanted to join in on the Madness maybe show us some wicked trails. I went out there once in July 2010 but I know I did not scratch the surface to the trails I could. I ran Imogene, Engineer pass, poughkeepsie only up to the wall didnt have a winch so i could not get up it!!!. I was not able to run black bear because of all the rain I got stuck in a rock slide and almost was washed off the shelf road so I wasnt even going to think about running it. Let me know your thoughts I am planning on taking two weeks off to maybe a trip out to Rubi Trail/Moab might be in order also!!

    Talk to you soon!
    Jake Thomas
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