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Thread: Anything paranormal/abnormal/spiritual/ghosts/bizarre...etc.

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    Anything paranormal/abnormal/spiritual/ghosts/bizarre...etc.

    Alright, spawned by the "sleep paralysis" thread of this morning I am creating this one. Consider it a place to discuss anything that falls under the realm of the above topics...or beyond (see what I did there? ).

    Here is the post that kicked it off:

    Quote Originally Posted by branko.bergara View Post
    I just woke up from this crazy super duper sleep paralysis, dam was scary as fuck lol now I can't sleep, so who has ever had this? This is the 6 time that I had in this month.

    I know that lots of people won't give a dam about this. O O

    I know my English sucks lol
    And the one that sparked this thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Aeraun View Post
    Well if you really want to know lol. Its a long story compiled of a number of incidents but for the sake of condensing it: For a while I was experiencing things in my house. Seeing black, man shaped shadows and just the "not alone" feeling. Yeh you could say it was just my imagination but I believe otherwise. Especially since I had a shared experience with my ex and it scared the absolute shit out of her to the point where we had to stay outside my house for an hour before she calmed down. I've always been into the supernatural and all so none of this really bothered me, in fact I found it fascinating and I kept my cool especially knowing that if it was something "evil" it would want to get a rise out of me and I believed it was judging by how it was manifesting itself. Anyway, to the sleep paralysis incident - one night while falling asleep I got that feeling of someone hovering over me. At one point I even felt slight pressure on my legs and shoulder like someone laying their hand on me. I ignored it and went to sleep. Now, I never sleep on my back - always stomach or side and I was on my side when I fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night but it felt like I didn't fully wake up type thing. I was on my back, my hands were up on either side of my head and I couldn't move. I honestly felt like I was outside my body. I felt as if I was floating underneath it and I did make the conscious attempt to move even though it felt more like I was a spectator. I tried lifting my arms up but it felt like something was holding them down. Like I was able to get movement but very slight before I couldn't move them any higher. When I did this I also let out a breath like i was straining. It all seemed like me consciously doing it while at the same time I felt like I had no control of my body. It was one of the oddest experiences of my life. I knew i couldn't do much so I closed my eyes, or what felt like closing my eyes and went back to sleep and woke up the next morning still feeling very, very tired.

    Unlike many of my threads that get derailed, I am going to ask that posts be kept on topic (looking at you Overlander). Specifically, I ask that this does not turn into a "where is your proof" "you are in idiot" type thread. I (and I assume others) just want to hear about people's experiences not listen to pontificating DBs. There are other threads for you.


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    Deja vu

    Not certain that I fully believe in any type of precognition, but I sometimes cannot separate the "did I dream this prior to doing this" feeling. And more importantly I dream in exceptionally vivid color, always. So although this is not exactly paranormal, it may be abnormal since at least once a week I end up doing something I can almost feel I have dreamed of and I know it, just as its actually happening real time with spot on accuracy.
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    This should be interesting... I agree with MTG in that evidence is subjective, but hopefully there won't be a lot bullshitters posting up what they just watched on ghost hunters. May even post up a few "unexplainable" tidbits myself and let you all decide where they fall.
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    I absolutely believe in some sort of paranormal or super natural activity. Being a man of faith the bible speaks of angles and demons that walk among us. Sometimes in human form and sometime in others. Science does not always have an explanation for everything that we experience in life. I think every one of us has had an experience that we can not explain. Great thread idea MTG.

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    I saw this jeep on the trail once and it scared the shit out of me. I had never seen it before.


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    ^^^^ Well, that didn't last long.
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    First off thanks for starting the thread. As a bedrock for explaining my experiences I'll first discuss what it is I believe. Now as you said, I'm not here to tell anyone what to believe, this is all very subjective. But as I have grown and matured and going to catholic school my entire life and growing up going to church I feel I have explored both sides of the story enough to form my own belief system. First and foremost I do not believe in organized religion. I won't go into my reasoning because I'm not here to insult anyone. I separate god from religion and I think that its definitely possible that there is a god, though I lean slightly toward not believing there is one. Also if there is one i believe he/she/it is unlike anything we are told and nothing we can perceive. I also separate an afterlife from god. I believe we are celestial beings, that we have a metaphysical form or a "soul" and that we are being of the multi-verse. I believe there are many universes and dimensions we can cannot perceive in our physical state and that "ghosts" and "spirits" are other beings moving between the universes. I will give another one of my experiences when I get a chance, I'm at work atm lol but thanks for reading

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    Although not a ghost/spirit junkie, I did take a tour of one of local haunted motels, the Cresent in Eureka Springs, AR. Think the ghost hunters have done a few shows from there. If your an avid skeptic everything might be explainable in some form, however it can take one from thinking there is a slight possibility to belief in no time!!! A lot of fun if anyone gets the opportunity to make the trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GCM 2 View Post
    Not certain that I fully believe in any type of precognition, but I sometimes cannot separate the "did I dream this prior to doing this" feeling. And more importantly I dream in exceptionally vivid color, always. So although this is not exactly paranormal, it may be abnormal since at least once a week I end up doing something I can almost feel I have dreamed of and I know it, just as its actually happening real time with spot on accuracy.
    This is almost exactly what I would have written if you hadn't already. I have almost the same experiences.

    My dreams are long, clear as can be, and in living color. Sometimes I am my self and the dream involves me and sometimes I'm a bystander watching the action almost like a movie.

    One more thing. I often hear sounds/noises in my house. It's a new house (9 yrs) that I built, so I know there's no bad history with it, but sometimes I hear a sound and get that feeling that someone is there (if you've never experienced it, you won't understand), but there is no one else around.
    One night while sitting on the lanai (back screened in porch for you Northerners) enjoying some alone quiet time, listening to the radio without any lights on except for the dim light from inside the house when I heard the hardwood floor creak like my wife was coming out the open sliders, but she wasn't there. I waited a few seconds and heard another noise and then saw what looked like a mist or a cloud floating by the open sliding doors. I picked up my phone and snapped a pic in the direction of the sound.

    Ghost 1 med .jpg

    area enlarged. See the face and "whatever"
    Ghost 1 face med .jpg

    it's much clearer when looking at the big phone pic on the computer.
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    My wife and I had an unexplained occurrence while in the poconos about 12 years ago. We were staying at one of the resorts for our honeymoon, and it was the fancy room with the glass tub, and an in room pool. The pool room was glassed off from the rest of the room, and had mirrors on the wall. You could see into the main part of the room though through the glass windows. Anyway we had just got back from hiking bushkill falls and decided to relax in the pool. We were in the pool and about 5-6' apart when we both caught something out of the corner of our eye. Something moved across the living room area, and both of us saw it at the same time. I don't know what it was, and we never saw it again. The other weird thing was the fireplace seemed to always make noises. Nothing crazy or weird just once in a while a clank or low moan. That started before the shadow movement, and continued off and on all weekend. Needless to say it was weird and we still talk about it once in a while.

    There is a house out here in Colorado Springs, in Black Forest actually that's supposed to be haunted. Hopi Indians say its on some vortex between worlds, but the owner believes the government is behind the weirdness there. Kinda interesting, I know there are lots of stories about hauntings around Colorado Springs, especially in the older areas where the ran gold mines or trains, and the older homes/hotels from the turn of the 20th century.

    I had a buddy in high school who swore he had a strange encounter in Gettysburg one late afternoon. It was during a re-enactment, and he said a union soldier appeared walking towards him, handed him a few bullets and kept walking. He turned to say thanks, and that these look really old, and the guy was gone. I never saw the bullets, but I don't doubt what he said, as he was a close friend, and never had a reason to make it up.
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