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Thread: 2014 SEMA River Raiders Tomahauk Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited

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    That is a super cool "Themed" Jeep. Looks like they did a really good job and paid attention to every detail. I'm not sure how long I could ride in those old aluminum airplane seats but it would be fun to play in.
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    WOW !

    A really impressive build . I'd love to own it not for wheeling but for show.
    I'm a big warbird buff and a fan of the P-51 D Mustang and this is the closest I'd probably come to owning one (besides my RC ones)... LOL !!
    It's not practical but a beautiful themed show Jeep ...
    OCC indeed (hats off to you MTG)

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    So Eddie, did ya ban it?

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    Alright, this is fantastic, for a themed Jeep. They went all out, over the top, and it just WORKS. I'm a pilot, so the theme clicks with my interests...for sure....but with a theme and show Jeep, over-the-top is appropriate if done tastefully and accurately. This is cool

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    so there is no twin turbo

    different I like the frame and shyte

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