2014 SEMA River Raiders Tomahauk Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited


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Got to love the free publicity, wonder if he is second guessing his move on that now.
i would really like to see how it performs off road! it does look extremely tall though; but maybe thats a need for the 44' tires to perform?
I like it and i think it looks bad ass.

If they really wanted to keep the WWII bomber theme they would have run rows of rivets along the hood and body panels to simulate the ribs of the airplane. Again that is just me.


I can appreciate the design and the craftsmanship on this build. It would be an awesome show car but that is about it.


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Ok this thing is SEXY!!! Some of the features, while completely cool, are way overboard for me...but SICK all the same!

This is why you should carry a
sticker with you at all times....shoulda slapped on of those on the bomb :yup:


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I came across this one as I was leaving last night and I have to admit that I liked it for what it was built for, show. Anytime I see that much work and ingenuity put into a vehicle I have to respect it.


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That is a super cool "Themed" Jeep. Looks like they did a really good job and paid attention to every detail. I'm not sure how long I could ride in those old aluminum airplane seats but it would be fun to play in.


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A really impressive build . I'd love to own it not for wheeling but for show.
I'm a big warbird buff and a fan of the P-51 D Mustang and this is the closest I'd probably come to owning one (besides my RC ones)... LOL !!
It's not practical but a beautiful themed show Jeep ...
OCC indeed (hats off to you MTG) ;)


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Alright, this is fantastic, for a themed Jeep. They went all out, over the top, and it just WORKS. I'm a pilot, so the theme clicks with my interests...for sure....but with a theme and show Jeep, over-the-top is appropriate if done tastefully and accurately. This is cool
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