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Thread: 2014 SEMA River Raiders Tomahauk Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited

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    2014 SEMA River Raiders Tomahauk Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited

    In spite of the fact that Kenny Hauk, the owner of River Raiders still seems to have a hard on for me after all these years, I will have to say that the WWII bomber themed Jeep JK Wrangler called "Tomahauk" that he brought to the 2014 SEMA Show was pretty damn nice. WAY TOO TALL for my taste, a bit too gimmicky to really wheel and way too polished to want to damage but, it really was a looker and I personally liked it a lot. I even appreciate the nice little hater plug he made just for me Check it out.

    Twin Turbo

    A little help from Artec and a Redneck Ram

    Rock Krawler coil overs

    Complete with rear steer

    Look inside the payload area

    And here's a little present for me - I feel so special

    A look inside the cockpit

    Detail shots

    44" Pit Bull BIG tires

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    Definitely looks "sema". Not too bad, just a little overboard with the theme. Nice of them to give you a plug. Lol.
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    The green frame and undercarriage detail is a pretty nice touch you don't usually see to that level.

    All the over the top stuff actually makes sense with the build theme, which is more than I can say for others you've posted.
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    See what selling a bunch or 2000 dollar skid plate systems can let you build?
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    Quote Originally Posted by olram30 View Post
    Definitely looks "sema". Not too bad, just a little overboard with the theme. Nice of them to give you a plug. Lol.
    Bondo a sponsor ?
    LOL! Same thing i was thinking. Nice rig though.
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    Way too much going on for me with that Jeep, although I suppose it is fine as a show rig. Question, does the exhaust really dump out the front? That would make for a really enjoyable trip in the mountains at slow speed...said no one ever!
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    So over the top

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    I'd wheel the hell out of this thing, I figure if I had the money to build it I'd have the money to fix it. couldn't have something like that in the garage and not thrash it.
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    Looks like a jeep designed and built by Jr. from Orange County Choppers.

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    I really like the theme, and as was mentioned, if you're going to tackle the theme then you might as well go big!

    x2 on the exhaust... it would suck to eat fumes on the trail...

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