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Thread: 2014 SEMA Show Recap

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    That and the LSX Willys killed it for our booth.
    Talk soon!

    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    Yeah, it was bummer we missed you as well. I hope the show went well for you, that Power Wagon you guys had was to die for!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellow cj6 View Post
    Hi All, The "high top" Jeep fenders that were displayed in the Mopar booth at SEMA are being tooled right now. We will be releasing these in quantity for launch just before Easter next year. We had a slight delay as we decided to make a separate tool for the 2 and 4 door flares to get an exact fit. The set will also include a inner fender to cover the sheetmetal and provide a finished look -much better than the cut factory inners so many do today. Mounting will be in the production holes, so no breaking the paint with a drill. The fenders will allow a 37" tire on a JK with only 2" of lift, providing good on and off road handling by keeping the Jeep low as possible with that size of tire. Pricing is expected to be at $800 for the set of 4 MSRP, available at any Jeep dealer. Thanks Tom
    thanks for the info as i know a lot of people have been interested in these fenders for quite some time now. oh and welcome to wayalife!
    Jeep parts and accessories purchased through the following link will help support this forum and at no cost to you.

    October 16, 2013, wednesday early evening, east of the pacific ocean, selectee for truly random and boring Parking lot photo of the moment grand platinum prize winner!

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    Enjoyed the hell out of it. Thanks!

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    Really appreciate the coverage, felt almost like I was there!

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    Thank for for taking us to SEMA 2014

    I've been to Vegas many times for work, and it never seems to land at the same time as SEMA ERR!!!!!

    However, your coverage and photo's do a huge service to those that were not there.

    Each photo and caption has purpose, and captures the best of the best. (Really wish I had the skill to takes such nice photos' myself )

    Thank you for the coverage, for sure I will treat this as 'reference material' going forward as always.

    2016 JKR

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