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It's been a year and a half since you did this install, I figured you've had enough time with them to know if you'd have wanted to do anything differently in hindsight or not.

Did you do any paint or other sealant where you drilled holes, and if not, do you wish that you had? Are there any squeaks from the sliders themselves that make you wish to have used some kind of bonding agent between the slider and the body, or would it have been better to put something there to reduce the dirt/dust/debris that could get in?

I've gone through the instructions for the OEM Mopar rock sliders for the Deserthawk now that they're available through the parts departments and they call for sealing the holes that get drilled-out, but then again, those instructions are for the global market including regions prone to rust. We live in a dry, dusty desert climate much like you do so it may not be quite as essential for us.
If you live out west and in the desert like we do, you won't need to seal up the holes. I had smoothed over a bead of black silicon with my finger over the top edge of the rocker guards to help keep bits of sand from getting in between it and the body but that's about it. You can't even tell that it's there. Otherwise, they don't make any noise, look great and function well.