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Thread: Thought on turbos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by M0J0 View Post
    I am considering the Prodigy Turbo kit over a LS swap. It is not really about the money. I live at high altitude and turbos shine there. I can’t really top 65mph uphill in the mountains. A LS3 at 500hp is 350hp at my house. The downside is turbo lag at altitude is well over twice as long. I need to do some more research. Find someone else that has a turbo setup in the mountains. Any thoughts? My other idea is a modified LS3 pushing around 650hp.

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    I am a huge fan of turbochargers. That said I don't think it's practical for the Jeep. I lived at 6000ft valley floor and I have lived at sea level. Yes the altitude sucks some horsepower but an LS with 6 speed will be plenty. I mean if you want to go drag racing buy a car and turbo it up. Why you would want to add more tuning issues, more working parts to deal with and more maintenance issues to a vehicle you intend to drive out in the wilderness where you could potentially freeze and die if it left you stranded is beyond me. Lol!

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    Fair enough. I guess I need to make more money this year.

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    Turbo and Jeep, two words that don't belong anywhere near each other, IMHO

    I would flog what you have while saving for the V-8 of your dreams.

    You have the right Jeep for it👍

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