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Thread: Get your damn flu shots!!!

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    i used to not get the flu shot. i had not gotten the flu since i was about 12. but, we had our first baby in March. so, flu shot last year and every year going forward. it's not about me anymore. need to lessen the chances my child gets it as well.

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    It would help if people would stay home if they know they have the flu. Co-worker comes to work with the flu claiming she can't afford to stay home yet her and her family are going to Disneyland. I get the flu, its' during Christmas time, I couldn't go see my mother because there is an unwritten rule that no one goes to my mom's house sick (older parent). I was so sick I had to be put on FMLA to stop racking up attendance points and was out of work for 2 wks. Oh, I burned through my vacation time that I was saving up for a vacation.

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    I have never had the flu, I have never had the flu shot , coincidence maybe, healthy immune system, yes. I am all for vaccines and think people should get them . I personally can't as it would literally kill me. Something to do with anaphylactic issues because of bee stings. But people should be aware of what is in those shots. not a pleasant read. lots of weird shit in those shots.
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