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Thread: SEMA Show 2017 Coverage Starts October 29th!!

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    Can't wait to see your coverage. As far as what I want to see? How about an anouncement that starting this year they will allow general admission for one day...ok an afternoon...alright I'll settle for a runners hour where your just allowed to run thru ans look without a word.

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    Rebuild Vendors?

    Eddie, does the SEMA show have any reputable vendors who rebuild engines, transmissions, transfer cases, etc,? Or is the show just new parts manufacturers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OverlanderJK View Post
    I love the coverage. Awfully hard to keep up though lol

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    Uhhh, yeah... I thought Eddie was going to post videos (I’m new)... Pics & write ups are getting passed around faster than a joint at a Bob Marley Concert...

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