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First and foremost, I must applaud Rock Hard 4X4 for their attention to detail with this crossmember. All of the bolt holes lined up identical to the factory crossmember. The only issue I encountered was from my beat up gas tank skid plate. One of the bolts wouldn't line up. Just had to shift it around a little, and it started. Not their fault! It took me just a hair under an hour for the complete removal and reinstallation...and I stopped to take comparison pics, and talk to my girlfriend for a couple of minutes when she got home. It simply can't be beat! I did use an air impact though, so it may take you a little longer without that. No lift here either...just a creeper on the garage floor. Rock Hard 4X4 has my vote from here on out! Full skids coming next!
Good to hear. I also have dealt with this company a few times and they really care about quality design and customer service.