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Thread: SHINY or BLACK : Aftermarket Jeep Wheels Survey

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    Quote Originally Posted by wjtstudios View Post
    Shiny for sure, especially on a CJ!

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    But what would you consider a argent wheel with a gloss finish? Kinda looks like a darker polished metal.
    I love the way gloss finished argent(or similar color) wheels look. I've been casually looking for a set for my jk when the time comes to swap my stock wheels out.

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    Depends on the jeep body color..anything metallic like dark blue,maroon looks great with a shiny wheel..flat colors with black..

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    I like Black... Once you've been wheeling some you show the rock rash really well..... No Mall Crawler here

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    as mentioned above, really depends on the colour of the Jeep.

    but myself personally I like the black look.
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    I’ve always liked the black but after seeing your Jeeps with the shiny wheels I really like the way they looked. So I vote SHINY

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    SHINY or BLACK : Aftermarket Jeep Wheels Survey

    On Jeeps I kind of like both ... lean more towards Raw Aluminum.. Not Super Shiny.... Never Chrome... and Black centers with a Raw Ring Only... I don’t really care for a black wheel with a black ring or non beadlock black.
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    I am a matte grey or anthracite guy.

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    How about Hot Springs Arkansas mud?


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    Shiny, but not chrome. Black has become so very common and in the words of Luigi from Cars; it blends with the pavement.

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    Just purchased wheels in a bronze color.
    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post

    Hey Everyone, Cindy and I are conducting yet another super simple survey to help us better understand the members here on WAYALIFE and how decisions are made regarding aftermarket Jeep products. If you're willing and have the time, we'd be grateful if you could please answer our simple 1 question poll. Unfortunately, you will need to do this from the full site as the poll will not work on our app.

    While we would ALSO love for you to expand on your thoughts regarding this question, what we're really hoping for are the statistics that the survey will provide. To help make your efforts worth your while, we will be giving away WAYALIFE shot glasses to random members who participate in our poll.

    With all that said...

    SHINY or BLACK - What kind of wheels do You Prefer?
    SHINY - This includes chrome, polished aluminum AND cast or machined aluminum. Essentially any wheel that isn't painted or powder coated.

    BLACK - This would include a high gloss or matte finished, black steel or aluminum wheel INCLUDING ones with a beadlock or rock ring in a different color.

    Thanks for your help!

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