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Thread: 2018 SEMA American Fastback Defcon Red JL Wrangler Overland Top

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    Seriously ugly grill. I have yet to understand why all these manufacturers and consumers want to mess with the original 7 slot grill. It’s iconic. Sorry don’t like much about this build at all.

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    Just not my style. The grill and cowl lights look ridiculous.

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    Uh Hell NO. Cowl NO Grill NO And those fenders DAMN you could probably take flight at 30mph

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    ummm..they had me at no on that ugly ass grill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WJCO View Post
    Get in the right time zone. We're way past coffee and have several beers in our system already. Of course, other types of comments may be soon to follow....
    One advantage of HI time zone is that its now only 730 pm and enjoying my wine while you guys are getting ready for bed (in my age group anyway)...

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