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Thread: JL-EXPERIENCE : REUNION - PART 1 | Overlanding Across the Mojave Desert

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    JL-EXPERIENCE : REUNION - PART 1 | Overlanding Across the Mojave Desert

    For those of you who are new to the world of Jeeps, there's an event that Mel Wade of Off Road Evolution had started years ago and it was known as, the JK-Experience or JKX for short. It was a week long off road adventure that took place all over the country and it was designed to showcase the Jeep JK Wrangler and all the aftermarket products being made for it. Of course, with the introduction of the all new Jeep JL Wrangler, the event has now become the JL-Experience and in 2018, it would take participants on an 1,100 mile journey and across four states.

    It'd been a while since Cindy and I had attended this event and being that this time around, it literally started the day after SEMA, we weren't too sure if we could make it happen. But, being that this was the very first JLX, you know it was something that we just had to be a part of and we're so glad we did. If nothing else, it turned out to be a reunion of sorts as we got to hook up with old friends and some of which we haven't seen in a very long time. It really was good to see and wheel with everyone again and honestly, that alone made it all worth the while.

    While Mel still runs the show, the JL-Experience is now a Nitto Tire event and this particular one was presented by KMC Wheels. To film the trip, they hired David Brumbley, a very talented and professional videographer and he will be responsible for the official video. Ali Mansour from Nitto's DrivingLine was also invited to cover the event and being that both guys were filming with badass RED cameras and DJI drones, you can be sure that awesome videos are coming your way. With that said, what you're about to see here is NOT an official video for the JLX. In fact, Cindy and I would like to apologize ahead of time for the marginal quality of our Sony Handycam, the lack of good camera angles and awesome footage of Jeeps from the outside as we could only film what we could. However, what we do have to offer you is a video journal, a behind the scenes look of what this trip was like and from our perspective.

    In this first episode of REUNION, you'll get to see us meeting up with everyone at our starting point was in Primm, NV and you'll even get to see how some of the JL Wranglers, such as PSC and Synergy are built. From there, we'll take you on a ride across the Mojave Desert and along a length of the Old Mojave Road as we made our way to our destination of the day, Laughlin, NV. We know it isn't much but we hope you can still enjoy it for what it is.

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    JL-EXPERIENCE : REUNION - A Behind the Scenes Look at the 1st Annual JLX / PART 1

    Rancho glide plate!

    Lotta cooks in the kitchen on that tire change.

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    I’ll have to watch it tomorrow as it is 8:30 and I gotta be up at 1am, but I’m sure it’s good as is everything y’all make!

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    You can always tell the guys who run desert trails a lot... They've got the dust lights as one of the first mods. 🤣

    Glad you guys were able to participate and bring us along for the ride. Good start to the series! 🍻

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    Good work guys! I Love the coverage!

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    Great video as always!

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    JL-EXPERIENCE : REUNION - A Behind the Scenes Look at the 1st Annual JLX / PART 1

    Some sweet jeeps at JLX! The PSC JL is a beast.

    I’ve never seen anyone slam a wheel into a tire like that, crazy!!

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    So refreshing to see a video like this. You guys kick ass. Brings me back to the old days of the jkx videos capturing the every moment of goods and the bads on film. Thank you both Eddie and Cindy. Although busy and exhausted, you created a perfect quality video.
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    Loved the video, really enjoy the experience part as much if not more than the wheeling highlights. Tha m you for sharing and looking fwd to more vids.

    Couple other notes, that PSC JL seemed huge and not knocking on the synergy guys but how do you go on that trip without a spare??

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    After seeing the crew for this JLX...all I can say is," oh Man! Let the games begin.!"

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