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Thread: INSIDE LOOK at CODEX - The Dynatrac 2-Door Extra Cab Hellcat Gladiator Truck Build

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    Not sure how I feel about this one have to wait for the final product.
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    I’m not sure how I feel about it either... From one of the pictures, it ALMOST looks like a 2 door Tacoma

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    That is going to be one hell of an Overlander Love it when all these offroad businesses take these new rigs and build them up before most have even had a chance to see one let alone buy one.
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    Great Photos, thanks!

    Looks like an interesting build with a lot of attention to detail. Thanks for sharing the photos.
    - CJ
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    Dynatrac's answer to AEV's Outpost II...

    Tony Carvalho is a mad genius!!!

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    [s]The front springs most likely look like that because they swapped in an axle for a JK? I know the Gladiators have wider axles than regular JL's, and definitely wider than a JK.[/s]

    EDIT: Ahh no, definitely a stock axle, but looks like the track bar is pulling it to the side. The bump stop is way over from the spring mount up top.

    EDIT 2: Strike through isn't supported here?
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    CODEX : INSIDE LOOK of the Dynatrac 2-Door Extra Cab Hellcat Gladiator Truck Build

    Wow - Hemi!
    Thanks for putting the pictures up! My GF would love to have a Jeep: she loved my last JK and really loves my new JL. I'm trying to get her interested in a Gladiator but she has concerns with the 5' bed length. We have two large dogs and bought a Tacoma Access Cab (6' bed) last year to haul them around with us. - Looking at this build, I could easily see us loading the dogs in below an adding a roof tent above so the four of us could be together four camping weekends.
    Can't wait to see the finished version.

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    While it seems like the build had huge potential, I just can't bring myself to like it. Different strokes I guess.
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    Well goddamn....

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    I agree not my thing either.

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