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Thread: 2019 Nitto JK-Experience Presented by KMC Wheels : PHOTO HIGHLIGHTS

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    2019 Nitto JK-Experience Presented by KMC Wheels : PHOTO HIGHLIGHTS

    Okay, being that we were running around all week with barely a chance to catch our breath let alone film anything, getting photos from the JKX was near impossible or at least, for Cindy and I anyway. However, we were able to grab a few here and there and thought I would share them with you here on this thread - just to give you a taste of things.

    Moby at check in and all ready to rock and roll!

    Oh boy!! Look at all the swag bags.

    Get a load of the camera gear on the official film rig!! Some serious money right there!

    As luck would have it, the starting point of the JKX was in Carson City, NV and so we were able to open up our shop for a few last minute fixes. Here's a shot of JJ's JK getting a new transmission cooler installed.

    For Day 1 of the JKX, Mel wanted to do a shakedown run and so he asked me to lead everyone on one of our local trails.

    It was good to see Tom and Kim from PSC rockin their JK and killing the obstacles.

    After our shakedown run, we headed back to Camp WAYALIFE to make some adjustments to Sergio's coilovers.

    Of course, what would a JKX in our neck of the woods be without a trip to this iconic trail.

    And here we go!

    Always nice to be out on the granite.

    The Jamboree sure did a lot of road construction here but it still offered up a fun challenge.

    Colton and Chris having a good time.

    Being from Chicago, Austin was used to roads just like this.

    Dave, Jason and Randy working their way up.

    All I could do was watch the $100k hanging off the back of the film rig.

    Making good time in spite of a late start.

    Hard to believe we got to camp with plenty of daylight still left in the sky.


    David hard at work even at camp.

    Ready to make the final climb.

    Such a beautiful day to be up here!

    Being that we got off the Rubicon so quickly and needed to kill some time before checking into our hotel, Mel asked me to lead everyone on another local trail.

    Smokin Dave workin the rock pile.

    Bubba giving it hell.

    Casey taking it nice and easy.

    JJ looking for a harder line and finding it.

    Randy doing what Randy does.

    To the Rubicon!

    Time to rack up some road miles - good thing they're all pretty ones!

    But, it wasn't long before we were working our way up into the mountains again and in near triple digit heat.

    Moby feeling on top of the world.

    But unfortunately, this is how his day would come to an end.

    After getting Moby back to town and loaded on a trailer, Cindy and I jumped in other Jeeps so that we could be a part of this action!

    Cheers from our home for the night!

    The following morning, we got a better view of the town we got to stay in.

    Lucky for us, Bubba was able to get Moby running again and here's a shot of us heading out along a steep and narrow shelf road.

    The view beyond.

    Damn! Back in limp mode. Bubba working with Robbie at Motech to get us going again.

    WooHoo!! I think we're back in business.

    Lots of road miles and in the heat of the Central Valley.

    Outstanding historic stop in the Central Coast.

    The final day of the JKX had Mel taking the wheel of Moby.

    Got a tour of Synergy and the new building the're having built.

    Getting ready to have some fun in the dunes!

    Everyone having some fun rippin it up!

    Mel having some fun in Moby.

    Synergy looking for a little hang time.

    And here's Bubba sending it!

    Posing for a final shot along the Pacific Ocean.

    What better way to end an epic trip like this than with a room with a view.

    Hope you enjoyed the few pics we were able to get from the 2019 Nitto JK-Experience and we hope that you'll check back soon for the videos we'll be making from the event!

    UPDATE: So, I had a number of people ask about the new trans cooler that Motech installed on our frame rail. They wanted to know how they held up after a week of wheeling on the JKX and so, I present you with the following pics.

    As you can clearly see, they did great and contrary to what some seemed to think, we never touched them.

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    That’s awesome! Can’t wait to follow the adventure!!! Be safe

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    Awesome! Looking forward to following along. It was a goal of mine too be a part of one of these trips some day... I guess we're gonna have to do our own WALX now.

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    Another one to look forward to!

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    Right it’s starting in Carson City?

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    This is gonna be good. Can't wait.

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    That camera setup is crazy!

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    Alright! I’m looking forward to seeing this.

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