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Thread: VIDEO : GOLD DUST Part 5 - NITTO JKX / Send it in the Oceano Sand Dunes

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    Holy crap Bubba, that was epic! What a great series Eddie and Cindy, love the videos.

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    I honestly can't choose a part as my favorite as they all are, but with a gun to my head I'd say the Rubicon. Great series overall Eddie!!

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    Another great series to watch. I wonder if Moby is a little jealous of Jet Li and now the new JT. Glad to see him out again and got the bugs (wires) all fixed. He is one bad ass jeep, loved how he just sucked up those whoops.
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    Sorry if this was asked but how is the fix bubba made working? Are you gonna go back to motech and have Robbie remove all the old unnecessary stuff in moby?

    That rework of the dtd is AMAZING!!! Hopefully that girl that was saying a raptor is better was watching how that solid axle was soaking all those bumps up!
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    Just finished all 5. Fantastic stuff!

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    Another awesome ride along! Thanks for taking us with you!

    Viewer note: don’t think you can go out to a beer tasting event then come home and watch tv. Had to start over today

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    Knows a Thing or Two
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    I was almost late for work because of you and Cindy!

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    Great series Eddie and Cindy, one of your best imho!
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    Noob question: what is the "FN" that the ghost wire was from?

    Glad you guys got it fixed and had a great time. Love the scenery! Nice work!

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    Great ending to a great series...I can almost hear Bubba day, as he became airborne...”look ma, I can...oh shit”...

    Good to know that there is going to be another JKX...I might have to put in my application..

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