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Thread: VIDEO : GOLD DUST Part 5 - NITTO JKX / Send it in the Oceano Sand Dunes

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    VIDEO : GOLD DUST Part 5 - NITTO JKX / Send it in the Oceano Sand Dunes

    Day 5 of the Nitto JK-Experience presented by KMC Wheels started off with an awesome tour of the Cerro Gordo ghost town. From there, we made our way across the Inyo Mountains to see a historic Salt Tram that was built in the early 1900's and then spent the rest of our day working our way across California's Central Valley and out to the Pacific Ocean. In Part 5 of GOLD DUST, you'll get to see all that as well as a cool stop we made over at the Pozo Saloon before calling it a night in the town of Cambria. Our 6th and final day took us on a tour of the Hearst Castle before ending our epic adventure wheeling across the Oceano Sand Dunes near Pismo Beach. We hope you enjoyed the series.

    OH, I should note that there were 2 people we didn't have clips for at the end of the video and that was for Marshall Hirt and David Brumbley. We finished this video super late and just missed you guys. We're really sorry for that.

    This video was independently filmed, edited and produced by Cindy and Eddie Oh of WAYALIFE. The opinions and actions of the individuals featured are in no way affiliated with or attributable to Nitto Tire, KMC Wheels, Off Road Evolution or any of the JK-Experience sponsors.

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    If you'd like a chance at WINNING a pair of WAYALIFE Shot Glasses, all you have to do is post up on this thread and let us know what you thought about the GOLD DUST Series. A WINNER will be selected at random. Good luck to you!

    UPDATE: So, we've been crazy busy with builds and trips but I finally found some time to randomly select a winner and that would be....

    Quote Originally Posted by JKRay View Post
    Finally caught up with all the episodes awesome videos as always!
    Congratulations JKRay!

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    conference room watching! everyone here, it's friday afternoon lol

    everyone was amazed Exodus jumped that high and far, asked if my JK could do that -- took that opportunity to let them know for a donation of $$$...they told me to keep it on the ground

    Is the ghost wire repair on Moby a permanent repair? impressive that you kept rolling and hopefully no serious damage.

    Enjoyed the history lessons, great series!
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    Awesome series! It was great to see WAYALIFE filming another JKX run. Cheers to you both for a great job!

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    Such an epic series! Thank you guys for all the hard work it takes to take put together a series like this!

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    Great series, well done! Thanks for sharing that with all of us!

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    Great video highlighting the last couple days of the trip! I love the lone pine area, views are amazing. Dunes looked like a great time as well. Fortunately Moby was able to partake as it seemed like the new suspension upgrades were a big hit

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    Wonderful video! Thank you so much for sharing this with us all! Electrical gremlins and all! This was a great ending to an epic journey! And there will be more!!! Yeah!!!

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    As always such a great conclusion to such a great trip. Thanks for taking us all along with you. I've always loved to Owen's valley so now I'm going to have to check out Cerro Gordo and the Salt Trams. The history out there is incredible.

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    Loved every second....airborne JK..Now that's pushing the envelope!!!
    Just a 2.8 four banger diesel Jk Sahara with aev 2.5 dualsport xt lift and premium bumper and Cooper STT Pro in 33"......

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    Great Series Eddie & Cindy! All 5 were epic in their own way... Moby would be a blast in Glamis... He ate those whoops right up.

    If my Jeep was broke like that, I’d probably be moody and frustrated... but there you are, right in the middle of that shit, giving history lessons. Lol.. Nice job you two... thanks for sharing.

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