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Thread: Steering wheel wobble sometimes full on death wobble 19 JLUR

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    Glad I read this entire thread.

    I'm still 100% stock and dealt with more than normal wandering in my steering when in Utah and temps were in the 30s*. Going over RR tracks caused more of a bump steer but not DW - felt like my '10 JKU with bump steer before I did the flip kit. I did take the JL in for the SS recall before my trip so that may be what helped. Also, thought I was just being hyper-sensitive to it because the wandering in the steering has been pissing me off since day 1.

    I cannot let go of the steering wheel at all on this JLU on any road at any speed. Last time at the dealer they blamed it on the tires.

    It's not the tires - I have a 2015 running the exact same BFG KO2 and size so I swapped tires, drove both, no change in steering on either Jeep. The JK tracked straight, the JL tracked like it's got Peyronie's disease.

    I'm scheduled to head back to Utah in January - coldest time of the year and this concerns me as my daughter will be with me and will be helping with the driving.

    Reading this thread has provided good suggestions. I'm going to to check the steering box/frame flex on the JL and compare it my stock 2015 JK to get the closest apples to apples comparison. With both having the same size BFG KO2, the side to side turn forces should be similar.

    Unfortunately it's going to be near 70* today but will post back findings.

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    JK and not JL but my track bar bushings were totally shot after 20K miles . Bolts were torqued but there was almost 1.5 cm of play at the TB mount . Replaced bushings and DW disappeared .. for now

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    Visually compared the steering boxes for the JK and JL where the steering shaft meets the steering box and they both appear to have the same amount of movement.

    Maybe a dial indicator to see if there's flex in the frame?

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