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Thread: HOMECOMING : NEW WAYALIFE Family Photo Celebrating MOBY's Return

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    LOL - thanks guys, glad you like the family photo!!

    Would love to get a TJ but people are crazy and want stupid money for them. There's no way I could justify buying one for what they're asking especially when there's so many other Jeeps I'd rather have. Plus, it's not like we haven't had one before.

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    As far as our JL goes, I won't lie, it's hard to want to drive him over our JT. Plus, with Moby back home again... 40's would definitely make a difference and that may have to happen.
    Damn. That was a good looking TJ.

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    That TJ was nice. What tires were you running in that pic?

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    The CJ5 is even better in person. At your age, you should really consider getting a will and leaving that to me.

    Seriously amazing restore. I’m not sure why I like more, The 3B of the CJ5.

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    That looks awesome!!! Glad Moby is finally home!!!

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    Awesome pics of the family!

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