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I was a broke kid when I first bought my Jeep (still a kid honestly, just not as broke) so I bought cheap ass Oracle LED projectors that are surprisingly pretty decent. Still running them and while they had a touchy harness causing them to flicker at one point, I replaced it and they work well for 100 something bucks. I’d really love a pair of KCs though, one day. More important upgrades to be done first.
I looked up Oracle lights and thought they were not cheap and wondered what you were talking about. Then I looked at KC lights and they are 4 times the price…but they are kind of what I want. A basic round light, DOT approved, and not 15 years fogged over with age.


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Flex Era 4's are stupid-bright! And if you get them from Jeremy, they will show up at your door 15-20 minutes after you complete the purchase. At least that's what it seamed like. 🤷‍♂️
So I can’t stress enough about just how many times I change my mind when it comes to my Jeep. While putting a new axle up front and moving up to beadlocks with 37s is the eventual goal, I’ve really been focusing on reality lately and have been putting my Jeep aside to focus on my finances and stacking more and more money to put down on some property - as soon as possible.

That being said, it’s still a very fun Jeep as is and has gotten me wherever I’ve wanted to go - and some. Since it’s my daily driver as well, I’m always daydreaming on how I can make it better. When presented with a killer deal from @jeeeep I just simply couldn’t refuse, I took these off his hands for him to throw on my Jeep for the time being - while it’s on 35s at least.


Again, he totally hooked me up with these and I couldn’t be more stoked. They’re exactly the look I’m going for and think the machined finish will look great against the white. A wise man once told me that maturing is realizing you don’t need black wheels on everything. Lol.


Better yet, they’re going on at Discount Tire tomorrow morning! 😎
Last day on the Hard Rock Rubi wheels.

The boys got busy here at Discount Tire in Solana Beach! Always great to stop by and see them.

Starting to get shiny! My man Aiden did all 5 of them himself in short time!

Parked in the dirt lot at work - think I made a good call and that @jeeeep definitely has good taste in wheels. Lol

Super happy with the look! They look awesome against the white as I expected and will most definitely hold me over for a while. Nice change of pace after a couple years on the Rubi wheels with spacers. 17x8.5 Method MR315s with 0 offset and 4.75” backspacing, on the same 35x12.50 Nitto Trail Graps.
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