Adjusting halo headlights


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I recently bought a new JL Rubicon with a lot of aftermarket stuff. One of those items is a set of halo headlights that are VERY bright and are not adjusted properly. They look like one of these:

I took off my grill to see what/where the adjusters were and it seems like there aren't any external adjustment screws. The lamps are bound to the mounts (glued?) and the mounts are bolted directly to the subframe. Wonderful. I can't find a manufacturer's label, so I assume these are mass-produced in China, so there's probably no technical support.

Has anyone encountered this? And if so, how were you able to adjust it properly. Any help would be appreciated.


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You need to get to the adjusters from above. A Phillips screwdriver is needed to adjust them.


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On their Amazon page, way down on the product attribute list, it says:
  • 【NEW VERSION ADJUSTABLE SCREW】---We have already upgraded adjustable screw, bringing safer and better driving experience to you.

I am thinking my unit is one of those prior to this latest iteration. I don't see on their Amazon site how to refit mine with the screw, if that's possible. Also don't see a way to contact them for more information.

Thanks for the reply!


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Ah. Problem solved, I think. They sell halo brackets that are adjustable. Doing a google search on wrangler halo adjustment never showed any results, but wrangler halo bracket does.

Thanks for steering me in the right direction!
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