Almost bought a JL today.

Then realized they have a stupid mark up.
These things are sooo nice. I had to pry my wife away. She was ready to drive it home. Not sure I can wait for the diesel now that we checked out a JL in person.

Anyway. Like always the few pictures I took are shitty. lol

IMG_8033.JPG .
IMG_8032.JPG .
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Holy hell!! :shock:

I think you did the right thing by NOT buying the JL but I totally hear where you're coming from. They really are that nice :yup:
Holy hell!! :shock:

I think you did the right thing by NOT buying the JL but I totally hear where you're coming from. They really are that nice :yup:

Silly mark up right?
Yea there is no way I was going to buy anything with a markup. When the time comes. Pretty sure I will order it exactly how I want and play the waiting game.

Some key features that I really liked.
Rear view camera.
Door stops!!
Waaay more comfortable passenger seats.
Rear window wiper out of the way.
Overall fit and finish is leaps and bounds ahead of the JK. I’d say it’s equivalent to a Grand Cherokee in creature comforts.

Can’t wait to buy one! Lol


Damn that is crazy. I actually just passed a JLUR today on the road about an hour ago. They are nice looking. I even like the new front fenders with the DRL's. That was the dead give away what was driving towards me...haha. When I purchased mine new in 2012 I almost bought a black JKUR 6 speed from new Mexico because at the time they had put the ordering on hold. There were few equipped how I wanted. After I was told they'd be sending a driver and my new Jeep would have almost 1k miles on it I came to my senses. I had been waiting this long no need to be in a hurry. Ordering opened up a few weeks later and I took delivery 3 months later of the jeep I wanted exactly equipped. A new JL similarly equipped would cost me 10k+ over what I paid for mine 6 years ago. It's crazy. In 5 years when our Durango is paid off maybe I'll have one..haha

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16 grand markup?? You’re shitting me right? Is it their demo that they just don’t want to sell so they can use it as a selling tool? I’d be going to a different dealer after seeing that shit.

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I checked out my first JL in person today. It was a Sahara and it was 45k with no markup.
Man there is no way I would pay a 16k mark up. If you are serious just look around, just like with the new Raptors you can find a dealer that will sell it to you with no mark up.

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Thats outrageous, theres a fully loaded Rubicon JLU for 51000 over this way, I thought that was high.


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Rediculous. In a few months or a year when more are available, I bet they level out a little.


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So the mark up is solely based on "high demand?" WTF. My dealership better not try to pull that on me.



we sold Mazdas for a while, we killed people that wanted them when they came out, and they paid what ever we asked, no one held a gun to there head
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