Anyone LOVING LIFE? AKA - the 2021 L!FE IS GOOD AGAIN Thread


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I have to agree it’s nice seeing things get back to normal! Love going out to my local brewery and actually have a conversation with someone sitting next to me. Been way too long! Also traveling again without worry of places closed down.


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i went fishing in Utah with some friends at a fishing dock and there were others who joined, no masks, no fear, just good conversations and joking all no more than a couple of feet apart. lots of people and their children walking and laughing...of course there were the few who wore masks but the majority were mask less ... Freedom!
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Biggest positive for us has been our boys back in Baseball... Now things aren't 100% normal here (California)... But they are on the field with other kids and that's all that counts..... The regular season went full throttle slamming 10 weeks into about 6.... and even though 7 days a week was a little tiring for us, it was awesome. Both boys Won the championships in there division and I got to be Assistant coach for my youngest. My Oldest went right into All Stars and this week he started Travel Ball which should continue until Spring... Kids NEED Team Play, so we are thankful its Happening.


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Finally got a haircut without having to wear a mask....

I’m heading to AK tomorrow for two weeks in the serious outdoors, returning only to get my wife to head to CO to go to a concert, then spend a couple weeks on a beach in Hawaii...then head down to NV and sit in a stadium watching live football...

These are all things not possible last year...

Aloha Ed! We just got back from Maui. Nothing quite like it. 🤙


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Aloha Ed! We just got back from Maui. Nothing quite like it. 🤙
Right on...we haven’t been back since we moved two June’s ago...looking forward to seeing old friends, spearing a fish and grilling it on the beach...


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The best part is going to Costco and being able to get free samples again. However, it was nice when they limited the amount of people and I could get in and out with out waiting in a long ass line to check out.
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