Anyone LOVING LIFE? AKA - the 2021 L!FE IS GOOD AGAIN Thread


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Honestly, the only thing that really changed with how we went about our daily lives was having to wear the stupid goddam mask while shopping. We live in a rural area so we social distanced anyways. 🤷‍♂️
Safe to assume you don't have to wear a mask now? If so, awesome!


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I’m so glad I don’t have to wear that stupid face mask any longer! Luckily my everyday life never changed similar to Ddays.


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The politics and pressure to get the shot are ridiculous for CA state employees right now...

ETA: Shit, I didn't realize this was the living life thread, thought it was the covid thread
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How in the fuck is this even happening!!! What in the fuck is the point of the god damned vaccine?? There will ALWAYS be a new variant - does that mean there will never be an end to this BS?
Probably not until the 2022 election is over gots to keep them mail in ballots.


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So… it’s officially mask up day again or at least in most of Nevada but our local breakfast place didn’t have any signs telling us to wear one and nobody gave us grief for walking in without one. Life is still good 👍🏻

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That's how it is here. We'll see how long it lasts. Is that the bass place with the delicious breakfast burritos?


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Early start to the morning here. Put a couple pork butts on the smoker and putting on a block party so we can meet more of all our new neighbors. Rented a bounce house water slide for the kiddos. Should be a fun day and a good gathering. My wife posted up the party invite to our block’s group Facebook page and FB slapped a big COVID warning on the top of it due to being a group gathering. Fuck em. We gotta say no to this bullshit. They’re talking masks and lockdowns in CA again. I won’t be following either and with give full support to any business that stays open as well. We just pulled our son from public school and enrolled him in a private school that stayed open through the shut show last year and isn’t forcing kids to mask up or has gender study or critical race theory in its curriculum. Nothing supports what is happening in our country. Too many people and standing by as their freedoms are being stripped away. Anyways, rant over. Back to watching the smoker.



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glad to be in Texas, there are still some places that have no entry without a mask but I don't give them my business.

went out and had a nice maskless brunch with my daughter before she heads back to the liberal cesspool Austin, I hope someday Austin will return to the goodtime it used to be
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