band aid or pr44

So here's where I'm at. I have a 08 Rubicon, I went with axle sleeves and gussets in the front and chose 5.38 gears with 37" tires. Now I should note I went against all the advice on this forum and listen to a shop (who is no longer in business) on all of the mods on the front axle. As to be expected a few weekends ago I blew the gears, burnt out the front e-locker and some how twisted the front driveshaft. Now my first thought on the fix was to try and put a bandage on the front by going to 5.13's, 35's and a eaton e locker. My thought process is I don't feel I wheel that hard and by going back to 35's the dana 44 should last a while. But the price of all that installed is just a couple thousand short of just getting a pr44 with an ARB. I already ordered a set of 35's that should be here in the next couple of days. So my question is should I try the bandage option with 35's or say screw it and go for the pr44 with 35's?


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Honestly, if it were me, I would just get a PR44. Sounds to me that you might have more damage on your factory axle then is worth throwing more money at but then, that's just me.
5.38's in the dana 44 are nothing but a time bomb. I know its been beaten to death in the past and I hope I can be one more nail in the coffin for anyone even thinking about it. I'm just a stubborn and slow learner. As for the axle, I already knew the answer but just had to hear it from some fellow JK members. I think this time I will listen the the advice. Thanks guys
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