EV ATV Battery Fire at SEMA


Caught the Bug
Damn, that's embarrassing. A zero-turn mower caught fire at the Equip Expo in Louisville a couple weeks back.

Not a good image for the EV trend. Just one is too many.

I wouldn't be able to sleep at night with an EV in the garage.


The fires look bad in the short term. In the long term, they’ll figure it out.

We crashed a lot of rockets before we launched one to the Moon.


So they say....
Rumors of a faked moon landing were created to distract us from the real conspiracy. The real conspiracy is to keep secret the fact when NASA reached the moon, scientists confirmed the Earth is indeed flat.

When this information was accidentally leaked to President Kennedy, Werner von Braun used his contacts within the PRC Embassy to arrange for the activation of a former Korean War POW brainwashed by the Chinese to be a cold blooded assassin. President Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas to stop the information from leaking to the public at large, causing wide spread panic.

Documents recently seized by the FBI from a secret basement in a former Soviet safe house located in Florida, revealed that Russian scientists have known about Earth’s true nature since the early 20th century. They published their findings in the 1st edition of the Communist Manifesto.

During a cultural exchange, Soviet scientists shared their information with East German scientists who, in turn, informed the East German government. Alarmed, the East Germans conceived a plan to build a wall around Earth’s perimeter, the “Antifascistischer Schutzwall,” or “antifascist bulwark,” to keep out fascist influences. In the spirit of cooperation, Mexico agreed to pay for construction. However, after the actual value of the peso was calculated, the East Germans could could only afford a wall around West Berlin.

The Russian scientific community prides itself in being the first to discover Earth is flat. They dismiss Illuminati claims the secretive society was founded centuries earlier to stop cats from pushing everything off the edge. The Russians continue to ignore that since the Illuminati came into being, cats have had to satisfy themselves with simply knocking knickknacks off bookshelves.
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