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I was thinking it would take 15-18ish hours. The plan was not to sleep or camp at elevation to get good quality rest beforehand. That subject is always good for much debate. I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other besides just making sure you fuel and rest up before hand. And no shrooms needed. 🤣 I walked right past the ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” neon sign while on the trail. Didn’t even think it was that weird at the time either. 🤪😂
How much water did you take?
You're a glutton for punishment. I've done Whitney a few times, but always as a one or two nighter at the trail camp lake. I understand it's difficult to get permits for overnight these days.
Did someone stack some rocks.? I always remember the summit elevation as 14495. But I haven't been up there since like 1975.
When planning it out. Our group all decided we didn’t want to carry heavy packs. As well as starting the main ascent tired from hiking the previous day.
I would love to do it again but as a multi day or even as part of a long distance hike of the JMT, HST or PCT

It was noted about 9 or 10 years ago that Witney has grown and is now 14508.

Leaving at midnight what time did you summit? How were the temps?
Summited at 3pm. Temps we’re all over the place as was expected. We saw temps from 30’s to the 60’s with a freak thunder hail storm while descending the switch backs. That was scary as fuck. The hair on my arms were standing up from all the static electricity in the air.

Awesome! I’m definitely going to start putting in for the permit. I’m wanting to do do it with the John Muir trail but I definitely need to start training a little more. lol Hell I need to get up to higher elevation and hike more…
A through hike of the JMT is on my short list. 👍 Hopefully I luck out with a permit sooner rather than later.
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How much water did you take?
I took and carried way too much water. I started with about 6 liters. I would only carry two and filter as needed if I were to do it again. We weren’t expecting to come across so much water as it was a terrible snow year. But we were wrong. There was water everywhere the entire way up to the base of the switchbacks.


Went with the family up the 395. Was able to hike part of the way on the Convict lake trail loop. Awesome hike even though wasn’t able to go all the way around due to snow… great views looking forward to coming back in spring or summer.


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Solo trip up Ducks Pass! Felt like dying but pushed through and the views did not disappoint. Would like to go back and fly fish. Had some nice 12 inch trout in the small lakes up there.


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As you can imagine flash floods can be a real issue in slot canyons like in the above pictures. There was a sign at one of the local outfitters that provided helpful information on how to tell a flash flood is on the way- it made me laugh.

It did not specify whether the 🐿 would be dead or body surfing. 😂🤣

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