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You have to apply via lottery in March. Only 300 permits are issued a day. We up our chances by every person in our party (6) apply for the dates we want. Sometimes we luck out and get multiple permits so we invite more people. Other times we strike out entirely.

Tons of people flake or something comes up so there is forfeited permits up for grabs via application also.

Then there is luck and a good attitude. Rangers hang out at the base of the subdome to verify permits. You can hang around there or just prior and ask groups that go by if they have any open slots in their party and ask if you can hop in with them.

It’s a fun one that I look forward to doing again.
Oh ok thanks for the info ! Looks like I need to start applying lol


Hiked up to Clouds Rest yesterday. Incredible 360* view on the summit. If you ever get the chance and want a good hike. I highly recommend it.
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IMG_6215.jpeg How my oldest daughter spent Thanksgiving…nearing the end of a monthlong hike on the Arizona Trail IMG_6243.jpeg At the end finally…800 miles, from UT to Mexico. Two months earlier she completed the Long Trail in Vermont, which starts at the Canadian border and ends at the MA border.
We see a lot of Arizona-trail through-hikers in Pine, Arizona, given that the trail passes close to the town. I can easily walk to the trail from my house.

Congrats to anyone who completes this trail!
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