HOW TO Determine the Actual Amount of Lift on a JL WRANGLER


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With the exception of a budget boost or coil spacers that come in an exact size, it can be difficult to determine just how much lift a lift kit has actually given your Jeep JL Wrangler. Certainly, just because a kit states that it offers 2" lift, 3" lift or more doesn't always mean that's what you'll ultimately get. In fact, more times than not, lift coils will end up yielding more lift than is advertised and a lot of this is because manufacturers anticipate that you'll be loading up your Jeep with heavy bumpers, rocker guards, armor and gear. But of course, there are some kit that eventually offer a lot less lift due to poor design and/or specs that lead to significant spring sag or the over compression of the coils. Because Cindy and I anticipate installing multiple lift kit in the years to come, we thought it would be a good idea to locate fixed points on our JL that we can measure from and identify what they are bone stock for future reference. I should note that we do have a JL Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited and cannot verify that the measurements we got will be the same on a Sport or Sahara or even on a 2-door Rubicon. That being said, this information should still provide a general idea of what you should be seeing stock.

For the front of our JL Wrangler, we decided to take our measurement from the bottom edge of the upper spring perch to the top of the steel plate on the lower spring perch. As you can see, this gave us a measurement of 10-1/4".

On the rear end of our JL Wrangler, we took our measurement from the bottom of the frame rail, just behind the bump stop cup and down to the steel bump stop plated located on the axle. As you can see, this gave us a measurement of 6-1/2".

After installing a suspension lift, all you need to do is take measurements from these points and the difference you'll see will be the amount of lift your kit actually provided. It is important to note that new coils will tend to sit MUCH TALLER soon after being installed and for more accurate results, you'll want to let them settle in a bit before taking these measurements.

Hope this helps you out. Please let me know if you have any questions. :cool:
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