Install Diode Dynamics Clear Sidemarkers For Jeep JL Wrangler or Jeep JT Gladiator


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Since the JL Wrangler was released, there's one thing cosmetically that's driven me nuts. It's that amber colored side marker on the front fenders. And of course, the JT Gladiator has it as well. A company called Diode Dynamics has come out with a clean option to exchange it for a clear one that cleans up the look a lot, IMO. I've been eyeing these for awhile and finally decided to buy some. I confirmed with the manufacturer that these will work with either a Jeep JL Wrangler or a Jeep JT Gladiator. The marker illumination and turn signal will still illuminate the amber color, but when the LED is not illuminated, it will look clear and clean. And Made In The USA.

Here's what the OEM amber one looks like:


banda (1).jpg

And here's the new clear one after install:

banda (3).jpg

Here's a comparison of the two side by side:

banda (2).jpg

Of course before installing these, one should check with their local city, county, and state vehicle lighting laws to make sure this can be done legally.

What's needed:

Diode Dynamics LED Sidemarkers (note that they make 3 colors/shades):


A trim push pin removal tool:

tool (3).jpg

A mechanic's pick:

tool (1).jpg

A T30 torx DRIVER (A T30 socket may be too large to fit in the tight space):

tool (2).jpg

Note that the picture below reference the driver's side. First remove two plastic push pins holding the inner wheel well liner in place. After removing them, you can fold the liner up out of the way to access the area.



Use a mechanic's pick to disconnect the side marker wiring harness.



Then use the T30 torx driver to remove the bolt on the left (the most outboard one). It is very tight and I could not fit a socket in this area. I had to use a thin T30 driver. I put a red X over the bolt that should not be removed.



The side marker should come right out and here's a better view of the bolt that was taken out.


Then from here, the install of the new marker light is the reverse of the removal. I used some color coordinated dots here to show that tabs that must be meshed together in order to get the new light to fit properly. I found this step the easiest by routing the wiring harness back in first, then STARTING the bolt into the new LED marker, and then pushing the plastic tabs together. Then I tightened up the bolt fully.



Reconnect the wiring harness and re-fasten the inner wheel well liner:



Ensure that parking lights and turn signals work correctly. That's it. Took me about ten minutes per side.
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Meme King
Looks good. I never really noticed that lens was amber and not clear until now.

I have them on mine. Couldn’t stand the amber after seeing these lol.

The horizontal fender lights add a huge distinguishing factor for the JL/JT platform compared to the JK. It can be seen hundreds of yards away. I'm not a huge fan of it, but it is a visual factor nonetheless. But the amber marker part of it had to go for me.

Yeah, nice look! Flows together nicely.

Those look good:thumb:



I agree with Bubba, I never liked the amber corner lights. I’m someone came up with a fix. Looks great!

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Looks a lot better. I think legally it has to be an amber colored side reflector, but who cares it looks better.

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Meme King
I agree with Bubba, I never liked the amber corner lights. I’m someone came up with a fix. Looks great!

I don’t know if the amber bugs me enough to change them, but it definitely looks better with the upgrade.

Great write-up and nice upgrade :thumb:

Really nice write up and set up

Thanks. It really cleans it up, IMO.

Looks a lot better. I think legally it has to be an amber colored side reflector, but who cares it looks better.

Cant we just use an amber bulb here in mich?

I'm sure every state is different. At least the LED illuminates an amber color on these.


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Most states just require it to still be amber for marker lights. Doesn’t matter what the lens color is.


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did i stumble into a bmw forum? when i had my 335, people were obsessed with getting rid of the amber side markers. :cheesy:

looks good.
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