Jeep CJ7 Write-Up Index

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I know it isn't much but, here's a small collection of write-ups I did for the old 1981 CJ7 that we used to own. I'd be the first to admit that they are far from the standard of what I would do now but, I hope they can help you out.

A New SPRING in JANE's Step - Rancho 2.5" CJ-5 Lift / Rugged Ridge HD Shackles
Howell Throttle Body Fuel Injection (TBI) 258 California Emissions Engine
258 TFI Ignition Upgrade
LoD Heavy Duty Bumper Swing Away Tire Carrier
Herculined My Tub
Serpentine Belt Replacement for a 258 Engine
Fix Your Leaky AMC20
Stainless Steel Extended Brakelines
Daystar 1" Body Lift
Off-Road Innovations Quick Release Jeep Mud Flaps
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