Jeep Renegade Daystar 1.5" Lift Kit Installation Write-Up


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Nice! How was it? Instructions looked pretty long.
Definitely a lot of steps and I had a couple issues I had to get around.

1. Passenger wiper arm would not come loose
2. Rear crossmember was having issues aligning
3. Stripped a bolt on rear control arm mount
4. Rear spacers were too tight


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Wife was complaining about a rattling noise. I thought it might be the exhaust making contact with the control arm because it's pretty tight back there.

Well, i feel like a dumbass. It was the sway bar bolt not completely torqued down allowing for movement. Torqued it and good to go now.


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I followed this to the T man, this write up was perfect. Now I have my Renegade like this too.


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I you have a trailhawk do you need a lift kit as it already has some lift factory installed? I like that the lift kit gives you an extra 1.5 inches to allow you to install 2 inches taller. Over all you get 3.5 inches of extra clearance. With this lift kit in a non trailhawk renegade. Can the same be said for a trail rated Jeep?
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